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Content design and exhibit development as a founding partner of Program Collective, the firm commissioned to design and implement “Water for Life” at World Expo Zaragoza 2008.

How can immersive design content raise World Expo visitors’ awareness of water’s value?

Around a multi-story recurring falling-water fountain event create windows that inscribe emotion into the idea of planet-scaled cycles of water.

Employ the mesmerizing qualities of the magic trick to¬† maintain wonderment at water’s mysterious changling qualities while introducing the simple logic of physics and chemistry.

Deliver surreal messages in atmospheric acoustic chambers that make people (literally) shiver and sweat, to demonstrate wholly and viscerally how integrally our survival is bonded to water

Choreograph people’s journey with water across the planet, following clouds who release the same water in different quantities over oceans, rainforests, deserts, polar ice caps and even Chicago. As a reminder that its all the same water in nature, and its all connected to human life and human choices.


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