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Water/Life. An illustrated catalogue published to extend brand and messages of “Water for Life”  exhibition at the Torre del Agua Pavilion, World Expo 2008, Spain.

The challenge? What can casual tourist take-away from an Expo event–to entice continued engagement in deep scientific principles?

The solution? To engage the visitor to make a souvenir purchase with the potential for deeper learning, a set of scholarly esssays collated by the World Expo “Water for Life” exhibition’s scientific committee–on topics ranging from the geography of the “epigeosphere” to water in the medical metabolism–needed visually enticing and easy to peruse content as anchors. So Todd Palmer and Mona Kim of Program Collective fused editorial and creative publication concepts to bridge the academic materials. Dozens of illustrated spreads lead to the stark exhibition message: “It’s the same water.”

The impact? Although seemingly ubiquitous and ever-changing,  “the same water,” in the same quantity has existed on the planet since time on Earth began. The narrative is made up of simple mantras repeating with slight variations. Defining the vast emotional and cultural qualities of water, from comic to  sublime.  And bringing readers back to the same question: if it’s “the same water,” a finite resource endangered by how humans use it, then “how will we live with it”…differently?

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