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A program about why we exhibit stuff.

Which gets at why we save things.

Which came to tell stories about lives that have ended, histories that have passed, and memories that otherwise would perish with us, except that they’re caught in a painting of paradise — or in a bowl for gefilte fish.

As important as the buildings and objects we collect and attempt to conserve are, of course its the stories that get lost to time. And so we hope that institutions with their labels and (video)tape might piece things together in a more lasting way — that they might encourage the telling of why we built, bought, lived…when we’re not around to tell.

At NPHM we called this “Telling Belongings” and ¬†brought to the stage of the Jane Addams Hull House three storytellers whose lives have crossed public housing. Maria Sopena, Jack Medor and Rev. Marshall Hatch brought things to share, with encouragement from our moderator Georgina Valverde, they were joined by 3 impromptu show-and-tellings from the audience.


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